Advanta Pure

Manufacturers of Sanitary Tubing, Hose, and Sanitary Hose Assemblies

Silicone Tubing, Silicone Hose, TPE Tubing, PTFE and FEP Hose, EPDM Hose, Stainless Steel Fittings

AdvantaPure, a division of NewAge® Industries, specializes in ultra-clean products for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, food, and cosmetic industries. All products are manufactured, stored, and shipped using the cleanest methods possible to ensure unsurpassed product purity for the customer.

Tubing and hose is produced in our clean room, and the AdvantaPure production facility is certified by an outside source to meet ISO 9001:2008. We adhere to good manufacturing procedures with special consideration for ventilation, appropriate clothing and coverings, and inspections. Many of our products, after being put through extensive physical, chemical, and biological testing, meet USP Class VI, FDA, ISO, NSF, European
NewAge Industries’ AdvantaPure specialize in producing platinum-cured silicone hose, platinum-cured silicone tubing & pump tubing, wire reinforced silicone hose, biopharm TPE tubing, rubber covered FEP hose, stainless steel overbraided PTFE hose, wire reinforced EPDM hose, stainless steel sanitary fittings, complete sanitary hose assemblies, molded silicone assemblies, single-use manifolds, stoppers & container closures, electronic identification & tracking systems, and more.Pharmacopoeia, and 3A standards.

Biopharmaceutical Grade TPE Tubing

AdvantaFlex® addresses the need for a flexible, translucent, sterilizable, heat sealable, and weldable biopharmaceutical tubing for fluid processing. AdvantaFlex maintains its physical properties following gamma irradiation and autoclave sterilization processes, resists kinking, remains translucent for visible product flow, and does not become gummy. Additionally, the unique properties of AdvantaFlex help it outperform similar tubing in peristaltic pumps.



Low volatile grade, platinum-cured silicone hose manufactured and packaged in a Class 7 (Class 10,000) ISO-certified clean room for critical pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, and food

APSW: 4-PLY WIRE-REINFORCED, MANDREL-WRAPPED, SILICONE SUCTION HOSE – Platinum-Cured; Polyester Mesh Fabric; Smooth or Convoluted O.D.


Low volatile grade, platinum-cured silicone hose, for critical pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, and food applications, comprises the core of APSW. The core is then slipped onto a mandrel and wrapped with polyester mesh fabric, 316 stainless steel reinforcing wire, and additional silicone. It is cured into a homogeneous hose to enhance its pressure and vacuum capabilities. APSW has been put through extensive physical, chemical, and biological testing and meets USP Class VI, FDA CFR 177.2600, ISO 10993, European Pharmacopoeia 3.1.9, and 3-A standards.



Custom Colors Available
Colors are part of the silicone material that make up the outermost layer and will not rub off.
Hose Identification Solutions
AdvantaPure offers a variety of Hose Identification methods that may be used together or individually.